Dawn’s Story

“Lynn and I worked in a school together years ago. Last year, she posted a video on Facebook about a child with reading struggles. My son was 10 at the time and struggling with reading, but his pediatrician said it wasn’t dyslexia because he didn’t write his letters backwards.

Matthew had many of the characteristics described in the video. He could recognize and read “big” words like Hippopotamus but he’d stare at small words like but or and and seem stumped. He had excellent comprehension if a story was read to him, and almost none if he had to read it himself. As a 3-year-old, he’d find something in the house, take it apart, and build something new all by himself.

“But school learning felt impossible for him”

When he was in fifth grade, he was barely reading at a second grade level. He felt terrible about himself. Homework could take five hours or more – he’d pull apart the erasers on his pencils to manage his frustration. I’d taken him to several of the big tutoring companies and nothing worked.

Bringing him to Lynn was the best decision I’ve ever made. My husband was a little resistant at first. I don’t think he understood how frustrated our son was.

Matthew started the Davis Program with Lynn on a Monday morning, and I hung around for a little while until he signaled to me that he felt comfortable enough for me to leave. She immediately put him at ease. Her manner is relaxed and patient. Her perspective was not, “this is what’s wrong with you,” but rather, “you have such a gift!” Her passion for the program is infectious.

Matthew looked forward to working with her and I could see a change in him right away. I used to have to read his chapter assignments to him and after a day or two he wanted to be the one reading. I stopped having to sit with him while he did his homework; he now comes home and gets it done right after school. This year, he’s gotten straight A’s and is now reading above grade level.

It’s hard when your child’s problem has to do with perception, because you can’t actually see the problem and you can’t actually see it getting better. Lynn helped us validate that there was a processing problem and then went on to help Matthew solve it. In some ways, it’s like he’s a completely different kid.

Weijia’s Story

“…I felt lost”

“I’m a 33-year-old graduate student and I didn’t know I was dyslexic with ADD symptoms. I have always worked very hard at my studies, but wouldn’t get the grades, or success I expected. A couple of months ago, my roommate pointed out certain things to me and suggested I get help from an expert. She felt I didn’t understand what she told me, although, I looked her in the eyes and told her I did…. I realize now that it was because I knew the words, but I didn’t understand the meaning, or concept, which is the basis of understanding people’s words. Because of those missing concepts, or pictures for the words, sometimes when I read, or listened to too much conversation, I felt “lost.”

During my program with Lynn, I learned the term—disorientation— and that explains it very well.

I knew the phrase “pay attention”, but unfortunately I didn’t know how to pay attention. I’m lucky Lynn helped me find a way. Now I use the tools to lead my mind to a stable place which helps me to be efficient when reading and doing other tasks. During the Reading program, I found out that the trigger words caused my mind to go blank. My high tolerance of unknown words when I read an article surprised Lynn until she asked me to summarize the paragraph. I can read aloud fluently, but I don’t always know the meaning of what I read. I learned I’m a picture-thinker, so at every word that can’t give me an image, I would get lost and lose the meaning. So I found out that it’s important to master those “trigger words” in clay so my mind has a picture to process them.

“I wish I would’ve done this program sooner…”

The basic concepts of consequence, time, and sequence have helped me deal with the missing pieces in my study and daily life. They have helped me understand that there is a sequence and order to the things I want to accomplish. Before doing this program, I would get distracted easily and not finish my work…I am relieved to find out I am dyslexic, and glad I have my new tools. I wish I would’ve done this program sooner, so I didn’t have to struggle for so long.

Lynn is insightful, patient, and knowledgeable about people who think they way I do. Working with Lynn was a wonderful experience. I learned many valuable tools to help me continue my studies and navigate my life.”

Rick the Businessman

“What I really struggled with was my self-esteem”

“I am a 64 year old business man embarrassed to admit that reading has never been my strongest skill. All throughout school and work I struggled with reading. I was not stupid! On the contrary, I was always quick to accurately assess and process information. My problem was I just could not read or write at the same level as my peers.

I wasn’t a poor student, in fact, I was very attentive in class and did quite well in spite of my reading and writing handicaps. What I really struggled with was my self-esteem. I knew I was blessed with a sharp mind but I struggled to fit in. I was very different from my classmates and colleagues. I have always been good at seeing the outcome of a situation as it unfolds, but being judged by my struggle with the written word has always been painfully hard. I simply was tripping over the words on the page.

“She changed my life”

I was introduced to Lynn while doing research on Dyslexia. It all started with a phone consultation. It was as if Lynn was in my head and could see what it was that I was dealing with. She pointed me to her website and suggested I look at the stories of some others who struggled with Dyslexia. I was touched, and decided to study with her. She was amazing at bringing clarity to my situation, and she focused on teaching me how to use my special power of Dyslexia.

She changed my life by changing my perspective. Lynn was very effective at bringing clarity to why reading was always so difficult for me. She showed me some simple techniques the first week we worked together that have helped my reading and writing immensely. Most importantly, I have found a teacher that continues to help me unfold my power of being a gifted observer. I am most grateful for her talent as a great teacher and her ability to help me regain my self-esteem.

The first step is an Initial Consultation

For the Davis Program to be effective, a person must be personally motivated and willing to improve, or change some aspect of their learning, behavior, or academic performance. A formal diagnosis of a learning disability is NOT necessary.

At the initial consultation, an informal evaluation will determine if the Davis® Program is a suitable solution for your learning difficulties and/or goals. Call (973) 746-5037 or email Lynn@DyslexiaNJ.com to set up an initial consultation. I will asses your needs and personal goals, and determine which program is right for you.

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